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Our Mission

KNOWING WHO YOU ARE provides a framework to identify and explore racial and ethnic identity and how it impacts your personal and professional interactions to improve the wellbeing of all communities in Alaska.


KWYA is a workshop where a diverse group of participants come together to explore yours and other’s racial and ethnic identities in order to understand their impacts on all interactions. During this workshop, there will be much time for self-reflection, small group work, and group discussion.

KWYA is a three-part process. Upon registering, participants will be emailed a pre-workshop handbook. This handbook takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete and introduces you (or re-introduces you) to key concepts from the workshop through 11 learning units. We find when participants spend time completing this pre-work, we have a deeper discussion in the workshop.

Next we ask that you watch an approximately 20-minute video where you will hear why this work is so important from youth in the child welfare system, foster parents, birth parents, and caseworkers. The third step is to attend, and participate in, the two-day workshop. Because of the group dynamics for each workshop, we ask that you commit to completing all three parts of the process including staying for the full in-person session.

Who Can Attend a Workshop?

KWYA is open to State and Tribal child welfare workers, child advocates, foster parents, juvenile justice staff, teachers and other educators, law enforcement, service providers and other community members and partners.

Though the primary audience has been those who work with children and youth involved in the child welfare system, the workshop is open to all community members.

What is the Purpose

KWYA is designed to positively impact well-being outcomes for youth through the integration of learning experiences that provide participants with awareness, knowledge, skills, tools and resources to engage and support youth in developing a healthy racial and ethnic identity.

It is our belief that before doing this important work with children and youth, each of us must start by knowing ourselves. Through introspection, small group activities, and large group discussions, we encourage participants to explore their racial and ethnic identity and how it impacts their interactions with others.

KWYA Knowing Who You Are Workshop

Workshop Objectives

Alaska Workshop Strategies Diversity


We aim to identify and propose strategies for addressing personal and professional assumptions and biases.

KWYA group workshop conversation

in Conversation

We encourage attendees to engage in courageous conversations.

Alaska Knowing Who You Are Ethnic Opportunities


We aim to identify opportunities and practice strategies for incorporating racial and ethnic identity development work into day-to-day work.

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